Lomi Lomi, Hawaiian massage is available to the Wahine's/Ladies only at Mahalo Mel's Hampton Hut.

Further details within! 

Healing through play. Journeying through grief boxes for sale online here - an activity to be used at home, at your own pace and in your own time using imagination and play.

Created by Mahalo Mel.

Items to make/keep and/or to gift someone in hospital, to a Grandparent, a friend or someone special.

* Lei making using yarn.

* You Rock! Pet Rocks that bring a smile to the dial.

* Sensory Cards ~ A beautiful collection of images of nature to help sooth the mind and soul.

* 4 x Soft Rose Quartz crystal pack ~ A perfect selection to make a rose quartz grid in the garden around your home or to...

* 6 x beautiful Clear Quartz to either bury in the garden to aid in your gardens growth or...

* And more!